You're in Good Hands was Phaan's next performative project for E.N.D.O. This installation and performance was originally designed and specified to take place at a more commercial art fair such as Frieze, Art Basel Miami, etc, where she would sell insurance to collectors to guarantee safe passage for their art collection in the post-apocalypse. For the 2019 Spring Break Art Fair, Phaan switched it real estate.

From the press release: 

This new E.N.D.O. experience is deeply rooted in Howng’s personal experience living in South Florida during the 2008 Financial Crisis. Swept up in the real estate frenzy, Howng purchased a condo at the young age of 25. When the housing market bubble crashed and she lost her job, she was ultimately saved by President Obama. Looking back, she realizes that her parents were right when they said that she was the last person earth who should have received a loan. Whenever she returns to visit, she is baffled and appalled to find that the building frenzy still continues, especially given Florida’s high environmental risk factors and climate change denying politicians.
Recognizing parallels between her experience and recent news of billionaires purchasing real estate in New Zealand to create luxury bunkers to prepare for Armageddon, Howng acts as a sales agent to play out these scenarios through a fictional exchange of selling real estate and services to people in preparation for the post-apocalypse. Through this performance, she asks: Why does capitalism carry the promise of survival for the wealthy regardless of the damage they have wrought?

...and that's only part of it!